Privacy on Free Basics
We are committed to protecting your privacy and security on the Free Basics app, website, and services (collectively “Free Basics”). This statement provides more information about some of the protections that we include in Free Basics.
Limited data retention and sharing. We limit the information we collect and share as part of offering Free Basics. Specifically:
  • Web or services information. We do not store information about the things you do or the content you view within any Free Basics service operated by a third party (a “Third-Party Service”). When you use Third-Party Services, we will route the request through our servers so your mobile operator knows to allow you to access that service free of data charges. In order to make all of this work, we receive and store some limited information – the domain or name of the Third-Party Service accessed through Free Basics, and the amount of data (e.g. megabytes) used when you access or use that service. This information also helps us improve and personalize your Free Basics experience by enabling us to provide “Most Used” services for easy access. We store this information together with your phone number for only 90 days, after which it is aggregated or otherwise de-identified. If you are accessing Third-Party Services through Free Basics on a browser, we may also store cookies placed by the websites you access, in an encrypted format, to enable them to function properly without data charges.
  • Basic device and usage information. We collect limited device, browser, and usage information when you use Free Basics. Specifically, we collect the type of device or browser and operating system you use, your app version, app ID and device ID, the time and date of your connection, your mobile operator, IP address, phone number, battery and signal strength, country, language setting, and the Third-Party Services you search for or use in Free Basics.
  • Aggregated usage data and Free Basics enrollment. To help us and your mobile operator evaluate the success of the Free Basics program, we may share usage information (specifically, megabytes used and overall level of use of Third-Party Services) with your mobile operator in a form that is combined with other Free Basics users who use that mobile operator. We may also share such usage information with the providers of Third Party Services. In addition to this aggregated information, we may let mobile operators know which of their customers’ specific phone numbers are enrolled in Free Basics.
Security. Our teams work to build security into Free Basics, and this includes using security protocols to help secure Free Basics. When using the Free Basics app, internet traffic is encrypted end-to-end to protect your privacy, unless a developer chooses to only support HTTP for their service. To help ensure the appropriate services can be delivered free of data charges when accessed via our Free Basics mobile website, we need to decrypt HTTPS Internet traffic. When we do this, the decrypted traffic is re-encrypted before leaving our servers on the way to your device. We do not store information associated with that traffic other than what would be available outside of the encrypted traffic, and encrypted cookies, which allow the Third-Party Services to function properly in the Free Basics mobile website. As explained above, this means we collect the domain or name of the Third-Party Service accessed through Free Basics, encrypted cookies (for people who use Free Basics on a browser), and the amount of data (e.g. megabytes) used when you access the service. Because of our commitment to security, where possible, we will also encrypt any HTTP-only services between our servers and your device to provide added security beyond what normal web browsers do today.
Deleting your information. If you want to delete information that personally identifies you associated with your use of Free Basics, you may do so by contacting us.
Free Basics is brought to you by and is operated by Facebook. For more information about the websites and apps available through Free Basics, please click here. Please also read our terms, Data Policy, and Cookies Policy and note that when you use Third-Party Services, their own terms and privacy policies apply and you should review them.
Last updated: September 24, 2015